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Sale price€507,39

Aeratron AE+2 dual blade light timber white canopy
AERATRON AE+2 Series Sale price€507,39
FLÜGEL dual blade (2)
GRÖSSEN 109cm 126cm 152cm
LUFTSTROM NIEDRIGE/HOHE GESCHWINDIGKEIT (M3/MIN) 37.2/113.2 51.5/156.3 82.6/215.8
WIRKUNGSGRAD (M3/MIN/WATT) 9.6 10.7 13.7
LÜFTERHÖHE 37.2/113.2 51.5/156.3 82.6/215.8
DREHZAHL/MINUTE (MIN/MAX) 109cm 126cm 152cm
ABMESSUNGEN DER BOX 62.2cm x 41.9cm x 38.1cm
ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2024

Lautloses Statement Für Ihr Zuhause


Aeratron Deckenventilatoren sind 6x leiser als herkömmliche Deckenventilatoren - und mehr als 15 Dezibel leiser als unser direkter Wettbewerber. Wir machen mit unserer Performance auf uns aufmerksam und stören Sie nicht in Ihrer Konzentration. Unser patentiertes, in der Schweiz entwickeltes self-balancing-system hält die Flügel in einem stabilen, aerodynamischen Gleichgewicht und verhindert das unwuchtige Wackeln herkömmlicher Deckenventilatoren.

*Geräuschwahrnehmung des AE+3 bei mittlerer Drehzahl im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Deckenventilatoren

Großes Einsparpotential


Sparen Sie im Sommer bei der Kühlung und im Winter beim Heizen! Maximieren Sie die Effizienz Ihres Heizsystems, indem Sie indem Sie mit unserer Winterfunktion wärmere Luft von der Decke zurück in den Raum zirkulieren lassen. Profitieren Sie von den gleichen Einsparungen im Sommer, wenn unsere charakteristischen zwei- und dreidimensionalen Flügel die heiße Luft abführen, so dass Sie die Klimaanlage früher ausschalten können - oder sie ganz auslassen können.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Lindsay Robinson
Fantastic fans with outstanding customer support

My wife and I purchased (4) Aeratron AE+2 and (1) AE+3 fans for a deep energy retrofit of our 118 year old house in Canada. The fans themselves are extremely quiet, but the customer service and support has been truly next level. Scott has been amazing from day one of placing the order and making sure we had the right parts for our application, to troubleshooting an installation issue. Have no fear, you will be in good hands!

Daniel J
This blade design is so efficient

The fan I bought in November and finally got installed last month. The Aeratron has been running continuously at its lowest speed since then. It's utterly silent. Our heating bills are less. Or a bill for February was the same as March of last year.

Even at its lowest speed, one can feel air movement at the far end of the room. Everyone has remarks on this.
It would be useful to be able to manage at half the current minimum, I think. Air would still be moved, but a breeze would not be felt.

Gay Hutchen
Customer Service Extraordinaire - Again

Scott is the best customer rep I have encountered in a long time. He has a patient and calm demeanor with a sense of humor. He helped me get my fan running again when it "lost it's mind" and just needed to be re-programmed. He walked me through the process with such patience. Thank you Scott, "Again!"

Dave Matthews
Best Ever

I don't write a lot of reviews but had to write one about Scott. I encountered Scott recently to assist me with a AE2 problem I was having. Not only did he solve my problem but he was highly responsive, professional and conscientious in doing so. Best customer service I have ever experienced. He is a terrific ambassador for Aeratron and their industry leading fans. I now have 6 of them. Keep up the good work.

Gay Hutchen
Customer Service Extraordinaire

I have a AE2 and I accidently broke the blade off while making my bed. It on a weekend and left a message. Having dealt with negative customer service in the past, I was pleasantly surprised with the service received from Aeratron. I got a return call on Monday from Scott Herrmann who took customer service over the top. I explained to him how I had broke the blades and I wanted to know if there a way to purchase just the blades. He explained that he needed to know just what I needed so he asked me to take pictures of my fan and email to him. After receiving the pictures and determining what was needed my parts were in the mail by Tuesday afternoon. I really appreciate Scott and the expeditious manner he handled my situation. I will recommend this company to friends and family for a quality product and great customer service. Thank you Scott.