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Compostable packaging, the extreme longevity of our products and the significant potential of Energy Savings in residential and commercial spaces contribute to a better, healthier and more sustainable planet.


The sustainability of ABS plastic compared to real wood can be based on various aspects. It is important to note that the sustainability of a material depends on various factors and that these factors can vary depending on the context and specific application:

1. resource consumption:

ABS plastic is made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource. Real wood, on the other hand, comes from renewable resources, provided it is sustainably managed.

2. manufacturing process:

The production of ABS plastic often requires less energy compared to the processing of wood

3. degradation and disposal:

ABS plastic is recyclable, while real wood is biodegradable

4. longevity and maintenance:

ABS plastic products can last longer and often require less maintenance compared to wood products. This may reduce the need for replacement and therefore the overall impact on the environment

5. transportation and logistics:

Transportation of ABS plastic can be more efficient than wood products due to its light weight