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Our philosophy

Aeratron is the result of a partnership focussed on a single goal: To create harmony between technology and the natural environment through design that enhances the living experience. The end result is a collection of simple, functional and aesthetic products that are inspired by nature and efficient by design.

Quality, attention to detail and Swiss engineering expertise have resulted in elegant, energy-efficient and award-winning fans that have been honoured with Gold at the International Design Awards in the USA and an International Design Award in Australia, among others.

We have been inspired by the powerful glide of the Australian Wedgetail Eagle (AE+ series) and the Frigate Bird (FR series), as well as the latest innovations in aviation design. That's why our two- and three-dimensional fan blades create a silent, even airflow over a wide radius that cools any room better while using up to 80 % less energy than a conventional fan.

Our commitment to being a responsible and ethical company is more than just superficial. From compostable packaging and biodegradable components to careful consideration of every aspect of fan development and distribution, responsible behaviour and conscious design is a core part of our company's DNA. By rethinking the relationship between air and buildings, we have developed environmentally conscious and energy-efficient fans that are as beautiful as they are functional.

And we're not done yet

We listen to you - our customers, architects, engineers and industry insights - so we can evolve and grow. From smart Wi-Fi controls to new ways to circulate air and reduce carbon emissions, we're committed to getting even better.


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